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You can get a collection of 77 interviews I call the Best of Behind the News, vers 6.0. It includes all 16 of the interviews I’ve done with Yanis Varoufakis. Yeah, of course these are all on the web, but here they are collected in one place, with the added bonus of supporting KPFA. Yours for a contribution of $120.

Here are the interviews, along with the date of original broadcast:

Best of Behind the News, version 6
interviews with Doug Henwood, 2002–2014
* new to BtN 6

 1 Gilbert Achcar (7/11/13)           Egypt's uprisings
 2 Amiri Baraka (1/11/07)             poetry in New Jersey, politics in Newark
 3 Moustafa Bayoumi (8/14/08)         being Arab in the US
 4 Max Blumenthal (11/7/13)           repression and daily life in Israel
 5 Mark Blyth (5/2/13)                austerity: history of a dangerous idea
 6 Ian Bone (3/15/07)                 anarchist organizing and the hideousness of the rich
 7 Dennis Brutus (12/31/09)           poet and activist on South Africa
 8 Darius Charney (8/22/13)           the NYPD's odious stop & frisk policy
 9 George Ciccariello-Maher (3/14/13) Venezuela under Chavez
10 Alexander Cockburn (8/27/11)       on the media and the devolution of politics
11 Stephanie Coontz (1/16/14)         why men need feminism
12 Hamid Dabashi (4/12/07)            history and culture of Iran
13 Jodi Dean (12/18/10)               the political psychology of blogging
14 Mark Dery (5/26/12)                perspectives on pop culture and beheading
15 Mark Dery (6/20/13)                Bowie, glam rock, male sexuality
16 Robert Fatton (1/21/10)            on the history and politics of Haiti
17 Cordelia Fine (11/27/10)           the questionable science of gender
18 Alan Finlayson (6/13/13)           Bonoism
19 Robert Fitch (2/9/06)              corruption and ossification in American unions
20 Adolfo Gilly (3/13/08)             Mexican history, revolutionary pessimism
21 *Dana Goldstein (9/11/14)          the history of education politics in the U.S.
22 Melissa Gira Grant (3/6/14)        sex work as work
23 David Graeber (8/13/11)            money and debt
24 Greg Grandin (3/6/14)              the history behind Melville's Benito Cereno
25 *Kevin Alexander Gray (10/30/14)   racist police and vigilante violence
26 *Margaret Gray (6/19/14)           the exploited workers behind the local food movement
27 Ursula Huws (10/2/03)              work today
28 David Cay Johnston (9/3/11)        how the rich don't pay taxes
29 Terry Kupers (3/28/13)             the psychology of imprisonment
30 Rachel Kushner (6/27/13)           politics, motorcycles, and her novel The Flamethrowers
31 Carrie Lane (4/9/11)               how unemployed tech workers see themselves
32 Anatol Lieven (3/20/14)            Ukraine & Russia
33 Catherine Liu (1/28/12)            education and the bogus politics of “anti-elitism”
34 James Livingston (4/28/12)         the consumer culture as a liberatory thing
35 Kate Losse (4/4/13)                Facebook and Sheryl Sandberg
36 Mariana Mazzucato (8/29/13)        the economic role of the state
37 Terry Moe (5/28/11)                right-wing school “reformer”
38 Bethany Moreton (6/6/09)           religion and Walmart
39 *Naomi Murakawa (8/28/14)          the liberal contribution to mass incarceration
40 Christian Parenti (7/2/11)         climate change, state collapse, war
41 Christian Parenti (1/23/14)        nature, capital, state
42 William Pepper (1/23/03)           MLK assassination
43 Frances Fox Piven (11/19/11)       OWS in the context of social movements
44 Diane Ravitch (4/8/10)             the monstrosities of education reform
45 Sanjay Reddy (9/12/13)             Indian economy
46 Adolph Reed (4/9/11)               politics and race
47 Adolph Reed (2/27/14)              the long sad decline of the American left
48 Corey Robin (10/1/11)              the conservative mind
49 Kshama Sawant (4/24/14)            $15 minimum, how to make radical politics practical
50 Richard Seymour (4/11/13)          Margaret Thatcher
51 Gary Shteyngart (9/23/10)          on his novel Super Sad True Love Story, and American decline
52 Jennifer Silva (11/21/13)          the consciousness of younger working class adults
53 Joseph Stiglitz (8/15/02)          U.S. economy, IMF
54 *Sarah Stillman (6/26/14)          for-profit probation and "offender-funded justice"
55 Matt Taibbi (4/23/11)              where all that Fed bailout money went
56 *Matt Taibbi (5/22/14)             criminalizing the poor while letting bankers run free
57 Gore Vidal (5/16/02)               war on terror
58 *Alex Vitale (8/14/14)             the theory and practice of broken-windows policing
59 Richard Walker (11/13/10)          the wreckage of California
60 Richard Walker (2/20/14)           California's physical and social geography, history, economy, ecology
61 Kathi Weeks (7/18/13)              the problem with work

Yanis Varoufakis package (all new to BtN 6)

    1 12/11/08                        the Greek riots and Greek neoliberalism
    2 10/8/09                         Greek elections and the economy's growing troubles
    3 3/4/10                          the Greek economic crisis (and Germany’s designs)
    4 9/9/10                          fact-checking Michael Lewis on Greece
    5 10/23/10                        the Greek and broader eurozone crises
    6 11/20/10                        a better way to to a Euro-bailout
    7 6/4/11                          updating the crises
    8 8/20/11                         another update as the crises spread westwards
    9 11/12/11                        yet another crisis update
   10 3/3/12                          the Greek debt deal and economic collapse
   11 6/21/12                         the Greek election, German Sturheit
   12 7/5/12                          the economics of gaming
   13 12/27/12                        the perpetual Eurocrisis
   14 3/21/13                         Australia and Cyprus, as well as Greece
   15 5/29/14                         the European elections
   16 11/20/14                        crises—and what Syriza would do with the debt

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