My anti-Hillary book is shipping!

Have I mentioned yet that my critique of the presumed frontrunner, My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency, is shipping? Order it now on the OR Books website and it will be in your mailbox in about a week.

My main thought after reading @DougHenwood’s My Turn is that this is the book that all Hillary supporters need to own, because it compiles all the credible criticisms of Hillary in one place, without mixing in a load of right wing dreck. So if something isn’t in Doug’s book, it can probably be safely ignored. If it is in the book, it needs to be taken seriously & some defence prepared. That’s extremely useful. I don’t think many HC supporters will understand this though, as they seem very committed to ignoring the fact that their preferred candidate comes with more historical baggage than any other in generations. Which is odd.

Daniel Davies on Twitter (translated from five tweets into prose)



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