Fresh audio product

Just added to my radio archive:

January 21, 2016 Adolph Reed on reparations to black Americans (a reaction to this Ta-Nehisi Coates piece; Reed’s 2000 piece on reparations is here) •  Steffie Woolhandler of Physicians for a National Health Program on single-payer, Sanders, and Clinton Inc.’s lies

January 14, 2016 Isabel Hilton on the Chinese financial melodrama • Chris Maisano (author of this article) on legal challenges to public sector unions

January 7, 2016 Jason Williams reports from Oregon on the rancher occupation • Toby Jones on Saudi Arabia


2 Comments on “Fresh audio product

  1. Sincere reparations activists should also propose the same for Vietnam, Nicaragua, Chile and Iraq – for the millions of victims of U.S. imperialist slaughter. Of course these activists won’t because it implies guilt for them. It disrupts their grift mill.

    By the collective-guilt notions of the reparation activist, ALL Americans benefit under the global system of plunder headquartered in their country. A system of plunder that exists right now.

    Yes, let’s talk about American privilege, shall “we” ?

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