It’s widely believed on the American left that the Democrats have moved right and that the difference between the parties has nearly vanished. That’s a tempting POV, for sure. But it’s hard to reconcile with Congressional voting habits. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, both parties had liberal and conservative wings. Starting in the 1980s, they began to diverge, and now by one measure, they’ve never been so polarized. This is via ABC’s The Note: “In the long march toward a more parliamentary and partisan Washington, National Journal‘s 2010 congressional vote ratings mark… Read More

I want to live on their planet

This just in from the right-wing PR machine (quirky capitalization and word breaks in original): “President Obama has done more favors, more often, for organized labor than any other president, outpacing even FDR and Harry Truman in the lightning speed with which he has rushed to fulfill the union agenda. Calling Obama pro-union is putting it mildly.” Fred Barnes starts off his latest article in the weekly standard with that scorching comment. Despite not being able to convince Congress to rob workers of their right to a secret ballot, Obama continues to force… Read More

The transitional program of the Marxoid groupuscles

The World Socialist Website doesn’t like my contribution to The Nation’s forum on socialism. (Odd, they don’t provide links to the texts that they criticize—a challenge to readers who want to make up their own minds.) Still, you can’t please everyone. In the interests of opening a constructive dialogue—what can I say? I’m getting mellow in my late middle age—I’d be very curious to hear what the WSWS’s vision of a future society looks like, and how they propose to get there. Will the working class storm The White House and/or the Goldman Sachs trading floor?… Read More