I want to live on their planet

This just in from the right-wing PR machine (quirky capitalization and word breaks in original):

“President Obama has done more favors, more often, for organized labor than any other president, outpacing even FDR and Harry Truman in the lightning speed with which he has rushed to fulfill the union agenda. Calling Obama pro-union is putting it mildly.”

Fred Barnes starts off his latest article in the weekly standard with that scorching comment. Despite not being able to convince Congress to rob workers of their right to a secret ballot, Obama continues to force his Big Labor agenda on the American public by abusing his executive powers. Stacking the NLRB to vote in favor of Big Labor, as well as his constant and vocal support of union bosses are just the tip of the ice berg.

Luckily, the American public remains constantly vigilant, as shown by the resounding defeat Big Labor suffered in a recent Delta Airlines election. Katie Gage, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute, has been out on the front lines making sure the public is aware of Obama’s backhanded dealings and able to defend themselves from forced unionization. Would you like to have Katie on your show?


Mike Mamassian

CRC Public Relations

Really, what planet do Fred, Mike, and Katie live on?

11 Comments on “I want to live on their planet

  1. Well, Doug…you have to remember that in the atlerworld that Freddy “The Beetle” Barnes lives in, every Democrat to the left of Theodore Bilbo or Zell Miller is by decree a “Big Labor Democrat” who threatens his dream world of $0.50 wages and poorhouses and orphanages.

    Also…GOTP’ers aren’t satisfied with getting 99.95% of what they want…they’ll still bitch and complain about the other 0.05% they didn’t get, and scream “Communist Conspiracy!!!” all the way to the bank.

    It’s a natural wingnut disorder.


  2. Thank god we have Katie to protect us from the mortal threat of jobs and living wages that the unions are threatening to impose on us (we should be so threatened). To be fair to Obama, in fact, he’s doing marvelously well protecting us from those himself.

  3. The same planet on which the perversely-named “Workplace Fairness Institute” is concerned with workplace fairness. I believe it is called “Antithetopia”.

  4. When you read this, is it any wonder that we live in a post-literate and cynical society?

  5. Yeah but the really depressing thing is that come election time, Rich Trumka will be singing a very similar tune to Fred Barnes’.

    Mark my words.

  6. “When you read this, is it any wonder that we live in a post-literate and cynical society?”

    Shades of Gramsci on the working classes not being kept from forming a coherent ideology.

    Also, I heard that B. Hussein Obama was going to use a secret job stimulus bill the far-left Democrats forced into the tax package as a rider to create jobs through building FEMA camps and manufacturing ammunition to use in firing squads.

    Yes, cynical rejection… so much for the “public sphere” and bourgie “dialogue”.

  7. of strategic chokepoints well within the realm of possibility for the union:

    (from CounterPunch, 18 March 2010)

    A Talk With Charleston Longshore Union Leader Ken Riley

    “When You’re Dying You Explore Radical Medication”


    JW: “I look at this global cargo chain that you and others in longshore talk about, and it is a system of shipping and distribution that has so many weak points potentially, but it also seems so well coordinated. So how does labor close that gap between the possible and the actual? How do you exploit the fragility of the system?”

    Riley: “There can be no globalization without trade, and there can be no trade without transportation. That’s the truth, and it’s not rocket science to figure out a strategy. There are more of us than there are of them. Education, ground campaigns, pooled resources. The people power we have. The money power we have, pension funds, the potential for leveraging that stuff.

    “If the labor movement is going to realize the full potential of its strength, at the center will have to be those of us who control transportation, protected by all others. We can impact other struggles because of where we’re positioned. If we begin to shut down ports in defense of someone on the perimeter, and governments start to act against us, then everybody else in labor acts: hands off those in transportation. It’s militant, it’s ambitious, but we don’t have any other recourse” [CounterPunch].


  8. what a hoot:

    “Secrets of the Ruling Class”


    “This is the further damage that Wikileaks has done. It turns out that a private in Iraq can know more state secrets than most members of the club known as the Washington establishment. All those years in the Ivy League, all those lunches at the Metropolitan Club, all those boring lectures at think tanks undone by a few CDs and USB drives” [CounterPunch, 21 December 2010).


  9. They live on the planet where the Right punditocracy has to make the U.S. political spectrum, consisting as it does of two right wing parties, one “radical” the other “moderate”, and with no organized Left at all, appear much broader than it really is.

    IOW they are not acting “crazy”, but are doing their job, which consists of “reverse shilling” for what would otherwise obviously be a naked Wall Street shill of a President.

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