Fresh audio product: Ukraine, libraries, Cold War fiction

Just added to my radio archive (click on date for link): March 24, 2022 Richard Seymour, author of this article, on the cultural politics of the war in Ukraine • Emily Drabinski on the war against libraries • Annie Levin on the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Cold War fiction [info on Current Affairs]

The Russia obsession

Some ambitious and generous person at The Raucous Rooster transcribed my radio commentary from yesterday. Thank you! Good God, the Russia obsession! It seems that Democrats are now incapable of talking about anything but Russian interference in our sacred elections. The Trump administration is eviscerating environmental regulations, appointing horrific judges, prosecuting a grotesque war on refugees and immigrants, and we’re hearing about little other than Putin’s alleged hold over Trump, often expressed in grossly homophobic terms. In doing so, they’re accepting uncritically the version of events proffered by cops, prosecutors and the CIA,… Read More

Fresh audio product

Just added to my radio archive: November 26, 2015 Jason Moore, author of Capitalism in the Web of Life, criticizes the idea that humans and nature are separate entities • Jennifer Doyle, author of Campus Sex/Campus Security, talks about security, paranoia, sex, and the large public university