The Russia obsession

Some ambitious and generous person at The Raucous Rooster transcribed my radio commentary from yesterday. Thank you!

Good God, the Russia obsession!

It seems that Democrats are now incapable of talking about anything but Russian interference in our sacred elections.

The Trump administration is eviscerating environmental regulations, appointing horrific judges, prosecuting a grotesque war on refugees and immigrants, and we’re hearing about little other than Putin’s alleged hold over Trump, often expressed in grossly homophobic terms.

In doing so, they’re accepting uncritically the version of events proffered by cops, prosecutors and the CIA, organizations made up of professional liars who’ve been enemies of democracy and free expression at home and abroad for decades.

We’re seeing Dem pundits even accusing Bernie Sanders and other insurgents within their party of being Russian agents, witting or unwitting. Their indictments of Trump for treason make them sound like demented right-wingers at the height of the Cold War.

This obsession does relieve mainstream Democrats of concocting an attractive agenda that might win an election or two, but to do that they’d have to tack left, and Goldman Sachs wouldn’t like that.

This Russia obsession’s a win win for the establishment though – subdue Trump and the domestic left insurgency all at once.

I understand why those within a half a standard deviation of the center would embrace it, but why anyone further left would play along with it is beyond me.

Please stop.

2 Comments on “The Russia obsession

  1. Ah, the poo-poohing, leftier -than-thou routine!
    This is a goddam amazing story of epochal perfidy that strikes at the heart of ‘Murika, where the massive lie of “Business” and flamboyant, epic criminality meet, a non-stop performance art show that sums up all that is wrong with every American institution and other global horrors such as Putin, and yet on the RT micro-left there is this persistent tone-deaf schoolmarmish disdain for being gripped by this political soap opera of a lifetime.
    All we have are the bad guys to “investigate” this, so we take what we can get. Anybody can profess to be oh-so-concerned by other pressing issues, but what better show do we have today?

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