Steve Diamond’s blog

When I wrote the post just below, I didn’t know that Stephen Diamond has a blog. He does, and it’s here. It’s always good to have a sympathetic law prof who’s on top of the mysterious legalities.

3 Comments on “Steve Diamond’s blog

  1. It would be unfortunate if true, but all I did was point out that Barack Obama worked closely with Bill Ayers for a significant part of his early political career. There was no “plot” as this anonymous poster puts it. Ayers himself admitted after the campaign that Obama was a “family friend.”

    The full story can be found in my blog alongside my argument that Obama is just as close now to Wall Street as he was twenty five years ago to authoritarians like Ayers and Dohrn.

    As a member of the democratic and independent left I think it is important to remain steadfastly objective about those who run our political system and operate within it. We are witnessing in Obama one of the geniuses of that art.

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