Celebrating Reagan

If you’re sick of all the encomia to Ronnie on the 100th anniversary of his birth, check this out: http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com/RonaldReagan.mp3. It’s by the Swedish band Charta77. I recorded it ages ago from Pat Duncan’s old show on WFMU.

Yanis Varoufakis on austerity

Not only is he an economist, he’s now master of his own domain! Yanis Varoufakis on austerity: Cutting our noses to spite our faces.

Me against the right

I debate right-wing money manager and former Senate candidate Peter Schiff on The Real News Network: Schiff Vs. Henwood on Economic Crisis. Topics covered include the StimPak, Schiff’s intolerable tax burden (which makes it impossible for him to buy a submarine!), the intolerable restrictions on Wall Street (which evidently make it impossible for them to do business), the wisdom of neoliberal economic policy (to Schiff, Reagan was a wimp), etc. Interesting factoid: Schiff is the son of notorious tax protester Irwin Schiff, who’s doing 13 years in federal prison for repeated tax evasion… Read More

The truth of the Demi-Ashton troubles

Excellent to see this sterling news source back from hiatus: The Swift Report — Demi, Ashton at War over Economy. Allegations of infidelity have dogged Hollywood’s best known cougar/cub couple for months, but insiders say that what’s really pushing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore apart isn’t love but money. The two are said to have come to blows over the best way to re-start the nation’s sputtering economy. Celeb watchers: doubtful this romance can be stimulated. By Todd Fox HOLLYWOOD, CA—Tinseltown tongues have been wagging for months that this city’s best known cougar/cub… Read More

The Bush tax cuts: a $2.74 trillion loss

The excellent David Cay Johnston asks: So How Did the Bush Tax Cuts Work Out for the Economy? Short answer: a nearly $3 trillion loss. And the GOP wants to extend them, and the Dems don’t want to go out of their way to stop them.

Citi update

Brad DeLong, um, comments on the 19-month-old Citigroup report on the Treasury’s bank policy that Citi demanded that WordPress and I take down: Citigroup’s View of the Obama Administration in February 2009… – Grasping Reality with Both Hands.

Why we loved the Zaps

This is terrific: We loved the Zapatistas, because they were brave enough to make history after the end of History. We loved the Zapatistas, because we were afraid of political power and political decisions. We loved the Zapatistas, because we thought we could do without a century and a half of baggage. But we could have done far more for the Zapatistas if we mounted a better challenge to the system that shackles us all—neoliberalism. I mean capitalism.

Jonesing for a slump

The Bullet reprints the lead piece from LBO #128: “Jonesing for a slump: austerity in the face of weakness”

Talking to kids about war

Indulge me some promotional efforts for my brilliant wife: Why Are We Fighting? How to talk to kids about war.By Liza Featherstone.


Liza Featherstone’s piece on the Murdoch–Thompson Wall Street Journal that I mentioned yesterday is up: Identity Crisis.

Gaming Geithner

Michael Thomas points to a fascinating little primer from Breakingviews.com on how to game the Geithner plan: Gaming Geithner. A sub is required, but you can register for a free trial to read the piece. And this is only the work of a single day! Back on February 13, I said that there was something oddly Hegelian about the Obama administration’s approach: “the hand which inflicts the wound is also the hand that heals it.” Not to question the majesty of Hegel, but a hand habituated to slicing motions probably isn’t one best suited to healing.

Steve Diamond’s blog

When I wrote the post just below, I didn’t know that Stephen Diamond has a blog. He does, and it’s here. It’s always good to have a sympathetic law prof who’s on top of the mysterious legalities.