Signs of the times

Stickers that have recently appeared around vacant storefronts in lower Manhattan urge us to take pleasure in our troubles. These two are blocks apart on Grand St. in Soho.




6 Comments on “Signs of the times

  1. Yeah, I count how many blocks I can go in LA without seeing a “for lease” sign in a window, Not many – and the closed out storefronts haven’t gotten as funny as these photos yet. Unbelievably, I found myself walking past a shuttered Hooters today in Pasadena. I would have thought Hooters was recession proof …

  2. A number of shops have closed here on Nantucket, but all the houses sitting empty because of the market are tucked away in charming spots around the island, so even if someone were to put up stickers, would anyone see them through the scrub pine?

  3. Nope…these kind of stickers work best in dense metropolitan areas, especially a few empty shopfronts down from an intersection. What you’ll get on Nantucket are squatters, especially if the house is miles from the main road and not triple padlocked (even if they are fenced, people will live in them.)

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