Me on Iranian TV

International stardom! Iran’s PressTV does me for 25 minutes: watch.

11 Comments on “Me on Iranian TV

  1. Doug,
    Save the incessant, bizarre background music, great interview.

    By the way, I just finished reading “The World is Curved” by D. Smick. I found your interview with him quite engaging; unfortunately, I cannot say the same for his book.

  2. You should try to get your Wall Street book into some university courses. Maybe you’ve tried, but there might be an opening now. Zinn’s history book is practically required reading now on the undergrad level.

  3. For the person who asked where the dough is – there is plenty of money out there. It’s just not in the public sector.

  4. Dude, your talk in Iran was really good, looking forward to getting back to your weekly broadcast.

  5. Where is the left blogosphere regarding events in Iran…….it seems there is a little confusion, with some folks sympathetic for the current regime and labeling the reformers mere neolibs……personally I can’t help but feel sympathy for students getting the shit beat out of them on the street.

    Your thoughts??

  6. Kudos for ‘Behind the News’! In the matter of housing where would I go to mention Jane Jacobs?Her mode of analysis seems now sadly lacking. Btw, I am tired of using Iran as a spectator sport. We have ample reason to begin marching ourselves. As to the economy, we have omitted a certain five-sided building. They are the elephant in the room and our ‘elected officials’ are the six blind men.

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