Liza Featherstone, counseling editrix

In LBO news—actual news related to Left Business Observer, a newsletter—Liza Featherstone has been appointed counseling editrix of the publication. Her responsibilities will include tightening and buffing the prose and disciplining the recalcitrant and tardy publication into a schedule. The masthead of #120, now in production, will reflect this change.

The staff of LBO is very excited about this development.

6 Comments on “Liza Featherstone, counseling editrix

  1. Missing an ‘i’ in ‘editrix’, there, looks like she got here just in time. ;)

  2. Such nepotism is welcomed heartily by your long-term subscribers. (I go back to the mid-80s, I believe.)

  3. Finally, there will be some good writing up in this m-therf-cker. :-)

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