Posted by: Doug Henwood | August 8, 2009

Liza Featherstone, counseling editrix

In LBO news—actual news related to Left Business Observer, a newsletter—Liza Featherstone has been appointed counseling editrix of the publication. Her responsibilities will include tightening and buffing the prose and disciplining the recalcitrant and tardy publication into a schedule. The masthead of #120, now in production, will reflect this change.

The staff of LBO is very excited about this development.


  1. Missing an ‘i’ in ‘editrix’, there, looks like she got here just in time. ;)

  2. Ha, thanks. You make an excellent point.

  3. Such nepotism is welcomed heartily by your long-term subscribers. (I go back to the mid-80s, I believe.)

  4. w00t!

  5. Finally, there will be some good writing up in this m-therf-cker. :-)

  6. Good news.

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