Seattle, ten years ago

A memory of a rather different time than 2009:

3 Comments on “Seattle, ten years ago

  1. Heady days. It’s amazing that civil society rioted during the height of the Clinton/Greenspan New Economy Tech Bubble(TM) – economic nirvana compared to these days.

    Not surprising that it has gone down the memory hole.

  2. That reminds me of a poignant observation I read recently on Swans Commentary here:

    “What a contrast to today’s academia when PhD students play it close to the vest in order to keep a dissertation board mollified. Every word is measured in order to make sure that nobody gets offended. And when these students become endowed with a teaching job, they will also play by the rules in order to get tenure. By the time they are tenured, they have gotten so used to placating those above them that they have often forgotten whatever radical politics they once had. That was one of the major differences with the 1960s. Ironically, the war-induced prosperity made students and youth less docile since the threat of dismissal from a job does not have the power to intimidate that it does today.”

  3. “Above the fold” also applies to a web page. Anything that appears on the screen without needing to scroll is said to be “above the fold”. As with newspapers, it is prime real estate.

    Some cliches may survive the impending massive failure in print publishing, even if the medium doesn’t.

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