Lunacy at KPFA

No doubt many of you are sick of the whole Pacifica mess, but this is really important: if these layoffs go down, it’s gonna be 9/11 and chemtrails. From the excellent historian of Pacifica, Matthew Lasar: How the KPFA Morning Show almost killed me (and why I want it to live) | Radio Survivor.

3 Comments on “Lunacy at KPFA

  1. Any chance that people can found a new alternative radio network (thereby letting Pacifica stew in its own mess), or would that be too damned expensive to do now a days?

  2. Broadcast radio would be impossible, Jim, which is why this rot is so tragic. Pacifica has strong signals in 5 major metro areas – NY, SF Bay, LA, DC, Houston – with the potential to reach 25% of hte US pop. Of course, our listenership is now rather tiny. But what a resource, going to waste. We might could try to start some sort of virtual radio network on the web, though. Will have to talk with the dwindling posse of the sane.

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