Who says socialism is dead?

First we hear that Goldman Sachs honchos “socialize” thorny issues (meaning “talk about them in person”). Now we learn that a new, buzzword-heavy social media platform is calling itself “Socialistic.” Next up, the proletariat?

Havas Takes Majority Stake in Colleen DeCourcy’s Startup – Advertising Age

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) — Ad agency holding company Havas has taken a majority stake in Socialistic, a new social-media shop helmed by Colleen DeCourcy, the former chief digital officer at Omnicom Group’s TBWA….

6 Comments on “Who says socialism is dead?

  1. Every term of politics – whether descriptive, analytical, or aspirational – turns to shit when it crosses the US borders. Well… I guess we have a new comeback when the freepers say, “Hitler was socialist too!”… our response: “No, no, he was SOCIALISTIC!” But honestly, it is the goal of today’s ruling class not only to distract and deceive, it is to render impossible the frank acknowledgement of any facts, reasoning, or humane morality at all. Hell, the ruling class honchos even lie to each other all the time, no “gentlemen’s rules” anymore, not even the pretense.

  2. Listening to the President, clearly, market liberalism ain’t dead. In fact, it is now the definition of progress.

  3. Good call on “Who Moved My Cheese?” Barbara Ehrenreich ripped apart that book, but has yet (AFAIK) to call out Obama. Draw your own conclusions…

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