Posted by: Doug Henwood | January 26, 2011

Radio guest on Middle East?

Any suggestions for a good person to talk on the radio about the uprisings across the Middle East?


  1. I would suggest interviewing Stephen Zunes, He writes for Foreign Policy In Focus and teaches at U of San Francisco.

  2. would love to hear you chat with W. Patrick Lang. No idea if he’d do it, though.

  3. Rashid Khalidi?
    Juan Cole?

  4. How about Robert Fisk?

  5. Tariq Ali

  6. Doug,

    I’m getting the best info on the Tunisia (and possibly Egypt) situation from The Moor Next Door and Issandr El Amrani at the Arabist.Net. Their blogs are definitely worth following and you might be able to score an interview with one of them.

  7. By far the best and most informed is As’ad AbuKhalil (, The Angry Arab

  8. Stephen R. Shalom?

  9. Joel Beinin at Stanford.

  10. The Angry Arab himself! As’ad AbuKhalil…

  11. I second Joel Beinin and Asad Abu-Khalil.

    Or you could invite liberal Egytian human rights activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim and grill him a bit.

  12. Samir Amin?

  13. Someone on LBO-talk recommended Gilbert Achcar, and I’ll second that.

  14. Juan Cole

  15. Patrick Cockburn had some interesting thoughts in The Independent recently.

  16. You may also want to publicize Jack Shenker’s audio from Egypt (12min+) from The Guardian. After this journalist is released from his Cairo cell, maybe he’d be good to interview…

  17. Alastair Crooke of the Conflicts Forum (

    Augustus Norton (especially on intricacies of Lebanese politics, strategy & goals of Hezbollah etc — blogs at

    Helena Cobban — just heard her on WBAI’s “Beyond the Pale” — very informative website at

  18. I think it would be good to have a woman–it was remarkable to see the number of women on the streets during the protest. See also:
    And definitely play Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia” during the segues!

  19. Dyab Abou Jahjah
    Check out his book list here:
    He’s head of the Arab European League, so not a “disinterested” academic in the strict sense. You’d want to check out the AEL first – they mostly seem to be pressing for better treatment/recognition of Muslim communities in Europe (especially in Belgium, where he’s based). But I don’t think it precludes him from having useful things to say on the unrest in some Arab countries.

  20. I would have added Finkelstein but I think he’s mostly focused on Israel/Palestine.

  21. 3 women and a man…..
    Nawal al-Saadawi: doctor, feminist, political prisoner, writer and member of Egyptian Parliment

    Salwa Bakr – writer

    Ahdaf Soueif – writer

    Sonallah Ibrahim “Zaat” contemp satire on Egyptian life

  22. Has anyone mentioned Tariq Ramadan?

  23. Here’s something to ponder…

    The Arabs face mortal threats from their comprador dictatorships – not to mention racist Israel,… and still they protest and riot and threaten to bring down the regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and now Yemen.

    Meanwhile, in the US, the president announces that Americans need to get competitive and work harder, like the horse in Animal Farm… and he supports “clean energy” like nuclear, “clean” coal, and natural gas… better test those school kids to death, and privatize the schools while we’re at it to teach those lazy union teachers a lesson… and today the deceitful headlines of the capitalist media declare: “Social Security posting $600B deficit over 10years” and “Paul Ryan: Budget Cutter”… this vile display by our owner-operators is followed by the American people awaiting Sarah Palin’s tweets about President Reagan the Fifth.

    The Arabs vs the Americans? There can’t be a clash of civilizations when Americans don’t have one. Bring Samuel P. Huntington onto your show… and just have a laugh track play every time he tries to speak.

  24. Abdel Bari Atwan – London-based commentator on Arab affairs

  25. Sam Huntington would not be a good guest. Too much dead air.

  26. “Sam Huntington would not be a good guest. Too much dead air.”

    LOL. All the better.

  27. I just read a smart, realistic assessment by Augustus Norton in Boston Unvty

  28. Incidentally, it wasn’t Huntington who coined the expression ‘Clash of Civilizations’, but his fellow hate-monger from the manicured groves of academia, Bernard Lewis. Lewis, who was Dick Cheney’s guide on matters Islamic, is still peddling this thesis and trying to turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy as he stokes fears about the imminent “Fall of Europe to Islam”.

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