Celebrating Reagan

If you’re sick of all the encomia to Ronnie on the 100th anniversary of his birth, check this out: http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com/RonaldReagan.mp3. It’s by the Swedish band Charta77. I recorded it ages ago from Pat Duncan’s old show on WFMU.

2 Comments on “Celebrating Reagan

  1. Doug,

    Love your blog, love BTN, but you really need to fix some HTML tags.

  2. Yep – President Max Headroom and today’s President Facebook have good company. Here’s the governor of Florida slashing billions from education and Medicaid, cutting over 8500 state job positions, and handing businesses lots of tax cuts…


    The announcement was made in a Baptist church in front of a thousand Tea Partyers. I see almost no diff between the Demoblicans and Republocrats, but I have to admit that today’s GOP would consider Ronnie a RINO, Nixon a French Fry, and Eisenhower a Bolshevik.

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