My tribute to Bob Fitch

My tribute to Bob Fitch, who died on March 4, is now up at The Nation‘s website: “Remembering Robert Fitch.”

3 Comments on “My tribute to Bob Fitch

  1. Wonderful Guttenplan quote on “third-rate conventional fakers”…

  2. It would be interesting to know more about the plans you and Fitch worked on regarding the reindustrialization of New York City. Great piece.

  3. Thanks. We talked about schemes for small-scale, specialty manufacturing in places like Western Queens and the Bronx. Also, rebuilding the port and doing that rail link to the mainland, which would be environmentally friendly and also lower transportation costs a lot. But it never got off the ground.

    An interesting side-note: that great “progressive,” Ruth Messinger, was Manhattan borough president at the time. She and a dweeby economist who worked for her didn’t want to touch this agenda – and she tried to squelch talk about how low wages were for the NYC working class. Jerry Nadler, though, was big on the rail/port scheme. The feds would have paid, and might still, for a much or most of it.

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