Fitchian reflections on today’s news

This is my introduction for Ruthie Gilmore, who gave the third Robert Fitch memorial lecture at LaGuardia Community College in Queens on May 6, 2014. Many thanks to Karen Miller and her colleagues at LaGuardia for organizing the series. It’s always refreshing to visit LaGuardia College, where the buildings are named after letters. I went to a college where the buildings are named after slavers, financiers, and reactionary politicians. I’m very glad to be introducing the Third Robert Fitch Memorial Lecture. When I gave the first two years ago, I was worried… Read More

Explaining what goes on in the world: in memory of Bob Fitch

[This is the text of a talk I gave at LaGuardia College, Long Island City, Queens, in memory of Bob Fitch, who died on March 4, 2011, from complications of a fall he suffered when returning home from teaching at LaGuardia. My short remembrance, written for The Nation, is here. Thanks to Jane LaTour for the two photos of Bob reproduced here. Video by Prudence Katze and Will Lehman is here.] I want to start by saying how honored I am to be giving this, the first Bob Fitch memorial lecture. I dearly hope there will… Read More

Fitch memorial this Sunday

A reminder that the memorial to the wonderful Bob Fitch, who died in March (my remembrance of him is here), is this Sunday, 4–6 PM, at the Brecht Forum, 451 West St (between Bank & Bethune), Manhattan.

Bob Fitch memorial: Sept 18

If you’re a fan of Robert Fitch—and if you‘re not, you should ask yourself some very serious questions—the date for his public memorial has just been announced: September 18, 4 PM, at the Brecht Forum in NYC. More details to follow; this is just a “save the date” announcement.

My tribute to Bob Fitch

My tribute to Bob Fitch, who died on March 4, is now up at The Nation‘s website: “Remembering Robert Fitch.”