Lots of fresh audio product

Four shows newly posted to my radio archives:

June 11, 2011 Vincent Reinhartat the Council on Foreign Relations on Greece and the political trick of austerity (thanks to the CFR for allowing broadcast; full event here) •Greg Grandin, author of Fordlandia, on all the great political developments in South America

June 4, 2011 Another Hoover interview: Morris Fiorina on American public opinion and the nonexistence of the “culture war” • And in non-Hoover content, Yanis Varoufakis updates the Greek and EU crises

May 28, 2011 Hoover Institution special. Two interviews from my week as a Hoover media fellowPaul Gregory on Russian politics (Putin vs. Medvedev) •Terry Moe on school “reform” (i.e., charters, testing, unionbusting, etc.)

May 14, 2011 Deepa Kumar, author of this article, on political Islam [The last 20 minutes of the broadcast version of this show was devoted to fundraising for KPFA. This has been excised for the web version. But if you like what you hear, please donate.]

And now the show has a new Facebook page: Behind the News, with Doug Henwood.

2 Comments on “Lots of fresh audio product

  1. Hoover Institution Media Fellow?!? Isn’t this how the Hoover Institution indoctrinates journalists to be right-wing propagandists? Certainly they didn’t think they could turn you and Liza?

  2. http://www.frumforum.com/incredible-shrinking-workers-income

    David Frum posts a little chart that shows US workers taking home the smallest percentage of national income ever measured. He asks GOP candidates: “1) Is this a problem? 2) If yes, what can be done about it?” Well, of course it’s a problem… a police problem. Put a small percentage of those underpaid proles into private security, police, and national guard uniforms, and there’s the solution. It’s also an ideological problem. So you better blame the Blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims. God, that was easy. I didn’t even have to go to Stanford either.

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