Quoted by the John Birch Society!

Yesterday, Noam Chomsky. Today, the John Birch Society! My post about the SF Fed study on how less than 3% of U.S. consumer spending is on Chinese-made products got picked up by the JBS’s The New AmericanEverything’s Made in China? Not Quite.

Who knew they still existed? Actually, I did, but it’s kind of easy to forget sometimes.

6 Comments on “Quoted by the John Birch Society!

  1. That seems interesting since it would tend to counter China-bashing. One would expect the JBS to be bashing China.

  2. Agreed, Charles. I thought JBS’ers were “Chicom”-hating paleocons par excellence, not Ricardian free traders.

  3. Well it’s not the Daughters of the American Revolution, but it’s still pretty impressive.

  4. I knew JBS still existed, but my quest now is ‘Did John Birch exist’? Does anyone really think a white dude infiltrated China unnoticed with some hair dye and a box of Max Factor? Do they even still print that bit on their website?

    More seriously aren’t the John Birchers among, if not the, leading purveyors of the anti-Fed conspiracist tome “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”–at the time when one of their ranking officers was a Fed regional president? These characters are the rankest of confusionists, trucking in bad faith, misinformation and white identity national-socialist agit-prop.

  5. er, “question.” Regardless, I’m not sure if getting ‘quoted’ by JBS right next to pro-Westboro “GOD HATE ASTRONAUTS” Baptist is a good thing.

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