Me interviewing David Graeber

A reminder—this is tomorrow:

A Conversation with Doug Henwood and David Graeber
August 23, 7:30pm
Melville House Bookstore
145 Plymouth St, Brooklyn

Debt is now the central issue of our time: With the rise of cheap and unsustainable credit, un-repayable mortgages collapsed the world economy in 2008. In Europe, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Iceland and Portugal have pushed the European economy to a perilous point, threatening the Euro. And we’ve just lived through a debt crisis of our own, with congress nearly forcing U.S. default.

We’ll be joined by two guests to discuss the role of debt in the world economy: author and radio show host Doug Henwood, an expert on bubble economics and Wall Street, and anthropologist David Graeber, who has just published a history of debt from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day, Debt: The First 5,000 Years.

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