Posted by: Doug Henwood | August 27, 2011

New radio product

Just posted to my radio archive:

August 27, 2011 Mark Brenner, director of Labor Notes, reflects on the state of labor as Labor Day approaches • Alexander Cockburn, occasional Nation columnist and co-editor of Counterpunch, on the media and the media criticism racket


  1. This is off topic but have you seen this article about Belgium’s relatively strong economic performance relative to other EU countries?

    Belgium is the only one of these countries that doesn’t have a government.

  2. Cockburn’s bird was annoying, as were his attacks on left-wing “group think”, a reference to his climate change stance, I’m sure. Besides for that it was the best interview I’ve heard from him. Excellent episode!

  3. FYI, the information tag for this episode’s file on iTunes is inconsistent with all of the other episodes’ information tags.

  4. Oops, thanks Mark. Fixed.

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