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July 5, 2012 Adolph Reed, author of one of the pieces on this Nation thread, on the crisis in labor • Yanis Varoufakis, now economist in residence at Valve Software, talks about the economics of gaming, and the anarcho-syndicalist organization of the firm

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  1. Sounds like Doug dragged Adolph to some reason… starting at around 30:00, Adolph says: “We need to have some venue, and I don’t mean a physical one necessarily, where… people with sharp left politics… start trying to crack this nut… to figure out how to connect with people who are open to that kind of thinking within in the labor movement… [It’s] like trying to steer a battleship… It’s also going to require some focused, strategic vision that’s outside the trade union structure as well as inside the trade union structure.” – – with sounds a lot like Gindin, Henwood, et al. I’m not saying there are no differences remaining, but it seems nearly everyone – including many union members themselves – yearns for a fundamental “rethink” (in Doug’s words) of working class advocacy, resistance, struggle, organization, movement, etc… = = I had forgotten about Doug’s suggestion re spending a fraction of the $700million unions spent on Dems to advocate for single-payer… damn, that would have been something.

  2. Finally got around to listening to this, and I must say I’m not terribly impressed with Reed’s words despite what seemed to me as a true effort to articulate his thoughts.

    The Nation as not being “the proper venue” for this sort of criticism because The Right can seize on this and use it? What nonsense! The Right has more than enough of its trolls and spies to find out what we’re arguing about no matter what venue we do our arguing in.

    There were a few times when I wished you’d have interrupted him to ask, “Who’s saying this?” when he went on about lefties wanting to get rid of unions or some other straw man.

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