Fresh audio product

Just added to my radio archives: December 13, 2012 Jamie Webster of PFC Energy on the U.S. oil boom • Yasmin Nair of Against Equality on Gay Inc. and what’s wrong with same-sex marriage, DADT, and hate crimes legislation

Capital drought

U.S. corporations are flush with cash. As of the end of the third quarter, they had $1.8 trillion in cash, bonds, and other liquid financial assets on hand—and I’m talking about nonfinancial corporations, not banks or insurance companies. Profits are very high, and firms are gushing with cash flow. But they’re not investing all that much—in things, that is, like buildings and machines. Usually, corporate capital spending tracks closely with cash flow (profits plus depreciation allowances). Firms typically invest all their cash flow, and very often more (borrowing the difference). Over the… Read More

Audio format change?

I’m thinking of changing the bit rate for the hi-fi versions of my radio show from 64kbps to 128kbps (mono). It would double the size of the file from about 25 megs to 50 megs. Would this trouble anyone? My iPhone has no trouble with 128kbps on the AT&T network—and of course it’d be a piece of cake on WiFi. I’d still keep the 16kbps lo-fi version for people with slow dialup connections. Thoughts?