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Just added to my radio archives:

December 20, 2012 Sasha Lilley, editor of Catastrophismon why basing politics on disaster scenarios isn’t such a good idea • Mark Ames, author of Going Postal and co-editor of NSFWCorp, on rampage shootings, the politics of gun control, and the reactionary worldview of the NRA

As of this show, the hi-fi version is now encoded at 128kbps, rather than the 64kbps it was previously. This will improve sound quality. I did a little poll to see whether the larger file size and higher bandwidth demands would cause any problems, and the answers were overwhelmingly “no.” But if there are enough people for whom this is a problem, I’ll switch back to 64kbps.

4 Comments on “Fresh radio product

  1. Thank you for the work you do, Doug.
    I’m looking forward to the next issue!

  2. If you have a chance to comment it would be . . . nice. Personally, I found the end of the Sasha Lilley interview to be totally discouraging, as in, the climate change problem is utterly hopeless. If I understand her, she believes that you will have to convince people not merely that we can deal with climate change and save ourselves if we act soon and appropriately, but that our lives will get better than they are now – in a conventional sense – if we deal with climate change. For example, you have to have a program that improves their lives in obvious understandable ways that they will all support and then – surprise – it turns out that it’s a program that also fixes climate change. Did I misunderstand that?

  3. Just to clarify a bit, Sasha Lilley seems to believe we need a program that promises a more general transformation and improvement, which sounds a lot like the transformatiion of capitalism for which – as best I recall – Christian Parenti does not think we can afford to wait. I would have characterized Parenti as calling for something more akin to either a war effort or a major new public health program to deal with epidemic disease – only in this case it’s the planet that’s sick.

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