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If you like my radio show, Behind the News, then please give some money to KPFA, which in the closing days of a fund drive. I wouldn’t do the show if it weren’t for KPFA, and they’ve been very generous in giving me not only a show but one in a nice timeslot. For a pledge of $75, you can get a CD containing 37 interviews I’ve done since 2002. The CD is a collection of MP3 files, not an audio CD, to you can’t pop it into every CD player. But it’s a lot of stuff, and it makes me feel good to look over the list.

Pledge to KPFA here:

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And here are the interviews on the CD (dates in parentheses are dates of first broadcast):

Amiri Baraka (1/11/07) poetry in New Jersey, politics in Newark
Frank Bardacke (11/29/12) Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers
Moustafa Bayoumi (8/14/08) being Arab in the US
Ian Bone (3/15/07) anarchist organizing and the hideousness of the rich
Dennis Brutus (12/31/09) poet and activist on South Africa (includes some poems)
Alexander Cockburn (8/27/11) on the media, the media criticism racket, and the devolution of politics
Hamid Dabashi (4/12/07) history and culture of Iran
Jodi Dean (12/18/10) the political psychology of blogging
Mark Dery (5/26/12) pop culture, beheading, David Bowie
Robert Fatton (1/21/10) on the history and politics of Haiti (includes excerpts from two 2004 interviews)
Barbara J. Fields (2/14/13) "racecraft": the ideology and practice of race and racism in the the U.S.
Cordelia Fine (11/27/10) the questionable science of gender
Robert Fitch (2/9/06) corruption and ossification in American unions
David Frum (8/9/12) partial conservative renegade on the right and his roman a clef about life in DC
Adolfo Gilly (3/13/08) Mexican history, on Latin America and his revolutionary pessimism
Melissa Gira Grant (9/13/12) sex workers and their self-appointed rescuers
David Graeber (8/13/11) money and debt
Ursula Huws (10/2/03) work today
David Cay Johnston (9/3/11) how the rich don't pay taxes
Carrie Lane (4/9/11) how unemployed tech workers see themselves
Catherine Liu (1/28/12) education, testing, anti-intellectualism, and the bogus politics of “anti-elitism”
James Livingston (4/28/12) speaks up in favor of the consumer culture as a liberatory thing
Jane McAlevey (12/6/12) how to revive organized labor
Terry Moe (5/28/11) right-wing school “reformer”
Bethany Moreton (6/6/09) religion and Walmart
Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin (9/27/12) the emergence and structure of the U.S. empire
Christian Parenti (7/2/11) climate change, state collapse, war
William Pepper (1/23/03) MLK assassination
Frances Fox Piven (11/19/11) OWS in the context of social movements
Diane Ravitch (4/8/10) the monstrosities of education reform
Adolph Reed (4/9/11) politics and race
Corey Robin (10/1/11) the conservative mind
Gary Shteyngart (9/23/10) on his novel Super Sad True Love Story, and American decline
Joseph Stiglitz (8/15/02) U.S. economy, IMF
Matt Taibbi (4/23/11) where all that Fed bailout moey went
Gore Vidal (5/16/02) war on terror
Richard Walker (11/13/10) the wreckage of California

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