Posted by: Doug Henwood | February 27, 2013

Give to KPFA, get this premium

If you like my radio show, Behind the News, then please give some money to KPFA, which in the closing days of a fund drive. I wouldn’t do the show if it weren’t for KPFA, and they’ve been very generous in giving me not only a show but one in a nice timeslot. For a pledge of $75, you can get a CD containing 37 interviews I’ve done since 2002. The CD is a collection of MP3 files, not an audio CD, to you can’t pop it into every CD player. But it’s a lot of stuff, and it makes me feel good to look over the list.

Pledge to KPFA here:

KPFA logo

And here are the interviews on the CD (dates in parentheses are dates of first broadcast):

Amiri Baraka (1/11/07) poetry in New Jersey, politics in Newark
Frank Bardacke (11/29/12) Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers
Moustafa Bayoumi (8/14/08) being Arab in the US
Ian Bone (3/15/07) anarchist organizing and the hideousness of the rich
Dennis Brutus (12/31/09) poet and activist on South Africa (includes some poems)
Alexander Cockburn (8/27/11) on the media, the media criticism racket, and the devolution of politics
Hamid Dabashi (4/12/07) history and culture of Iran
Jodi Dean (12/18/10) the political psychology of blogging
Mark Dery (5/26/12) pop culture, beheading, David Bowie
Robert Fatton (1/21/10) on the history and politics of Haiti (includes excerpts from two 2004 interviews)
Barbara J. Fields (2/14/13) "racecraft": the ideology and practice of race and racism in the the U.S.
Cordelia Fine (11/27/10) the questionable science of gender
Robert Fitch (2/9/06) corruption and ossification in American unions
David Frum (8/9/12) partial conservative renegade on the right and his roman a clef about life in DC
Adolfo Gilly (3/13/08) Mexican history, on Latin America and his revolutionary pessimism
Melissa Gira Grant (9/13/12) sex workers and their self-appointed rescuers
David Graeber (8/13/11) money and debt
Ursula Huws (10/2/03) work today
David Cay Johnston (9/3/11) how the rich don't pay taxes
Carrie Lane (4/9/11) how unemployed tech workers see themselves
Catherine Liu (1/28/12) education, testing, anti-intellectualism, and the bogus politics of “anti-elitism”
James Livingston (4/28/12) speaks up in favor of the consumer culture as a liberatory thing
Jane McAlevey (12/6/12) how to revive organized labor
Terry Moe (5/28/11) right-wing school “reformer”
Bethany Moreton (6/6/09) religion and Walmart
Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin (9/27/12) the emergence and structure of the U.S. empire
Christian Parenti (7/2/11) climate change, state collapse, war
William Pepper (1/23/03) MLK assassination
Frances Fox Piven (11/19/11) OWS in the context of social movements
Diane Ravitch (4/8/10) the monstrosities of education reform
Adolph Reed (4/9/11) politics and race
Corey Robin (10/1/11) the conservative mind
Gary Shteyngart (9/23/10) on his novel Super Sad True Love Story, and American decline
Joseph Stiglitz (8/15/02) U.S. economy, IMF
Matt Taibbi (4/23/11) where all that Fed bailout moey went
Gore Vidal (5/16/02) war on terror
Richard Walker (11/13/10) the wreckage of California

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