Posted by: Doug Henwood | March 4, 2013

Clarification on crappiness

I want to make it clear that my characterization of the health insurance that Stop & Shop has been providing some of its workers, which Obamacare is causing the company to want to drop, as “crappy” was entirely mine, and not Lara Shepard-Blue’s. She’s a much more responsible and measured person than I, and sorry if it looked like I was putting words in her mouth.


  1. I would add a further note of clarification…It’s not “Obamacare” that’s causing the employer to drop coverage, it’s more likely the desire to increase corporate profits

  2. I don’t begrudge you needing to make a little money on your blog, but you really ought to see if you could work on a less obtrusive placement.

  3. Er, it does sound like you begrudge Doug needing to make money. Your the one with the problem.

  4. Uhh, no Jon, I don’t. The placement of a Youtube ad right smack in the middle of a post is distracting from what Doug may be trying to communicate. I once mistakenly clicked on one thinking it was a posted video. Placement of adds to the margins puts the blogger’s writing and ideas front and center, instead of whatever a third-party might want to sell me.

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