Me in Sydney, October 16-20

I’m going to be in Sydney, Australia, to speak at a conference on financial market dysfunctionality (!) at the University of Technology’s business school. Arriving early Oct 16, feeling like crap I’m sure, and leaving the afternoon of the 20th. Conference is on Thursday and Friday – my bit is on Friday.

Any suggestions of things to do, people to meet, etc.?

4 Comments on “Me in Sydney, October 16-20

  1. Try to contact Marilyn Waring. She’s an ex-politician who didn’t take others’ crap about economics and things being the way things are. She left her party to stop the US from being able to park nuclear subs in Aussie ports (causing her party to implode and lose power, serves them right).

    Very interesting economist, does speeches, books, and activism now.

  2. When I visited, I arrived early in the morning, stayed awake until about 18:00 and slept until 06:00 the next morning. I felt fairly well the next day…

  3. See if you can set up an interview with Steve Keen, an Australian economist whose work on banks, debt, endogenous money is an important– thus far unanswered–challenge to Paul Krugman.

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