Me in Salon

Josh Eidelson interviews me about the shutdown, default, the Tea Party, and the rot of the American ruling class: “Tea Party’s shutdown lunacy: Avenging the surrender of the South

Josh and I had nothing to do with the headline.


2 Comments on “Me in Salon

  1. Years ago, my friends used to laugh when I talked of ‘the ruling class’ or ‘the bourgeoisie’. They said, ‘There’s no one there — there’s just a bunch of thieves.’ The strange thing is that the situation has taken so long to surface. I guess it’s another example of ‘There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.’

  2. Anarcissie, you bring up a great question. Why is it that during a secular bull market people were politically comfortable but once the tide goes out people get significantly angrier? Or was it an immediately post-Cold War thing?

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