Fresh audio product

Just posted to my radio archives:

October 24, 2013 Bruce Bartlett, former Republican, on the lunacy of his former party • Isaac William Martin, author of Rich People’s Movementson the history of popular mobilizations to untax elites (i.e., the Tea Party is nothing new)

October 17, 2013 Jodi Dean, professor of political science at Hobart & William Smith and author of The Communist Horizon, on the need for a left party • Kshama Sawant on her campaign as an open socialist for the Seattle city council

These programs mark a return to normalcy after some fundraising pre-emptions. If you want to keep these shows coming, please support KPFA and mention Behind the News when you do.

One Comment on “Fresh audio product

  1. Hate to use your comment section for this, but — I subscribed to LBO News maybe a month or two ago. Am I going to see it any time soon? At least an acknowledgement that I’ve subscribed?

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