A coup in Greece?

I emailed Yanis Varoufakis last night and asked how he was holding up. To my surprise, he answered:

“[W]e certainly are facing a coup. The wall of lies is becoming absurdly tall.”

4 Comments on “A coup in Greece?

  1. That is an interesting reply. From the linked out stories on Naked Capitalism today it seemed that Varoufakis would be out of a direct negotiating role, but still having major impact on the talks. If he’s saying a coup, he must be referring to the entire Syriza government.

  2. I’m facing the same thing on a super-micro level as a 3rd shift shop steward. Garnering signatures for a recall petition with distortions and just flat out lies. It seems reaction has no shame nor dignity in trying to reassert its control. And no depths of the pettiness to which it will go– I mean, not chief steward, but 3rd shift, representing a mere 46 employees. My god.

  3. Nothing surprising about this. And the military will be called in if necessary, have no illusions.

    This is why Venezuela still deserves the support of the Left, instead of being shoved in the closet now that the great orator/celebrity is gone.

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