Defend Nancy MacLean!

My radio guest the other week, Nancy MacLean, author of Democracy in Chainsis under attack by libertarians for her criticism of the doctrine, one of its leading propagandists James Buchanan, and its funders, the Koch Bros. It’s an excellent book and she needs help. Here’s a note she posted to Facebook with more:

Friends, I really, really NEED YOUR HELP. If you trust me based on all that you know about me, please read this, help me as indicated, and share this post with anyone interested the Koch operations and the mayhem they have caused.

This will sound nutty, I know, but it’s actually happening: the Koch operatives and the riders of their academic “gravy train,” as James Buchanan called it, are working very hard to kill DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS –and to destroy my reputation (as they have done to climate change scientists and others bearing inconvenient truth).

It appears they are using Washington Post blogposts as a seemingly respectable pivot for a coordinated and interlinked set of calculated hit jobs. By using the WAPO blogposts, they make it appear to the ordinary web surfer that the WAPO itself is trashing my book when it’s really the Koch team of professors who don’t disclose their conflicts of interest and the operatives who work fulltime for their project to shackle our democracy. The other side was getting top placement because their team was clicking and re-clicking and sending embedded links, and the velocity of their activity drove up their links.

Here’s how you can help if you want to stop the suppression of my research and the reputation assassination underway:

• Google me and the book and click on the REAL listings (e.g. my department page and the actual Viking book page or reviews by honest reviewers) to drive them above the paid “top stories” position.

• Go to DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS on Amazon, and click as “helpful” honest reviews by real reviewers and scholars who have read the book. The operatives are juking the Amazon stats so that their hit jobs (by people who in nearly every case never read the book) come up first by the number of “helpful” votes they got, no doubt from their fellow apparatchiks.

Oh, and one of them—under the name NPalgan2–also set up a wiki site on me (s/he also added criticism of another academic, who wrote on mass incarceration). We are trying to fix it now. And UnKoch My Campus is posted the undisclosed conflicts of interest.

People: this is real. Please help, if you’re willing, and then share this post with any journalists you know and anyone concerned about the Koch’s power to undermine our institutions.

I won’t be the last they set out to get; anyone who challenges them is subject to that have called “upping the transaction costs for the other side.”

Help me stand up to them, for all of our sakes?

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