Forced binaries, etc.

I’ve been hating on the Democratic party in public for almost 35 years, in private for longer than that. But I have to say, and I don’t see how anyone could deny this, if a Democrat were president now there just wouldn’t be anywhere near as many dead and doomed people. The CDC might not have been richly funded, but it certainly wouldn’t have been eviscerated, with talented people not wanting to go anywhere near it. The pandemic task forces wouldn’t have been disbanded, and probably would have been listened to from fairly early on.

Given the choice between neoliberal technocrats and proudly ignorant yahoos, I have to go with the former. I’m not going to stop agitating for a world where we could have better choices, but as long as it’s a forced binary, as they say in the polling business, it’s an easy answer.

Sorry if this disturbs anyone. It sorta disturbs me. But you have to be honest with self and others.

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