Me, interviewed by Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio:

The Real News, part 3

The third part of The Real News interview with me is up: WAGES AND THE CRISIS.

The Real News, part 2

Part 2 of my interview with The Real News on The Crisis is up: THE LIMITS OF STIMULUS.

Me on The Real News

I’m interviewed on The Current Crisis by Paul Jay of The Real News: AUSTERITY IN THE FACE OF WEAKNESS.

Robert Reich on Social Security: no problem

Going through past LBOs in order to put together a greatest hits anthology to be published to mark the newsletter’s 25th anniversary next year, I came across this, from issue #92, November 1999: Reich on crisis This newsletter has long argued that the Social Security crisis is a concoction based on preposterously low economic growth assumptions. In the course of an interview with former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on a different matter, LBO was able to ask him a couple of questions on the topic. Here’s a transcript: For several years, you… Read More

Jonesing for a slump

The Bullet reprints the lead piece from LBO #128: “Jonesing for a slump: austerity in the face of weakness”

Fresh LBO website content

Freshly posted to the LBO website: • How to learn nothing from crisis: careening back to the status quo ante bustum, a well-received piece from #125. • Contents of #126: suboptimal disillusionment • c’mon, Slavoj, tell us the secret! • Greece and the EU crisis • recovery, now what? • CPI-Elderly • buying green makes you nasty. Here’s a little taste of each. If you like what you see and want to keep it coming, instead of adding another victim to the Great Periodical Die-Off, then please subscribe if you don’t already. And if you… Read More

Tuition piece up

Ok, the promised piece on college inflation is up. As the wage premium for education has expanded, college has gotten a lot more expensive. Why, and what’s this done to access (and with it, class mobility)? From LBO #125, just posted to the web: “I’m borrowing my way through college… Though this sample is free, it costs money to produce LBO. If you don’t already subscribe, please do, and keep this sort of thing alive. It’s not like there’s an excess of critical economic news and analysis, is there? LBO subscriptions. Such a deal!… Read More

LBO 125 out

Left Business Observer #125 is out! Already emailed to electronic subscribers, and on press for the dead tree contingent. Contents: a risky return to the familiar college: best way to make a buck, especially if you’ve already got a few contemplating exits; Obama’s stingy budget unemployment & GDP: U.S. more savage than usual Tastes here. But why settle for a tease when you can get the real thing for just a few bucks? Support the kind of economic and political analysis you can’t get anywhere else: LBO subscription info.

Me, interviewed…

…by the excellent folks at The Activist, the YDS webzine: Unconventional Wisdom.

Move your money?

Freshly posted to the LBO website: behind Huffington’s loopy “Move your money” campaign: …and it’s still money. A reminder: paying subscribers got this a week or two ago. Subscribe today and be the first on your block: LBO subscription info

LBO #121 out!

I’ve been reticent about promoting LBO, the newsletter, on LBO News, the “blog,” but why should I? Anyway, emailed to electronic subscribers and on press for the crushed-tree kind, #121, the third issue in three months, includes: Obama and the duelling caricatures • Adolph Reed on how racism is like the Easter bunny • How this recession stacks up vs. its ancestors • Life after crises • The media bloodletting • Rupert celebrates For a taste, see LBO 121 contents. I suspect many readers of this site already subscribe to the newsletter, for… Read More