Bob Fitch memorial: Sept 18

If you’re a fan of Robert Fitch—and if you‘re not, you should ask yourself some very serious questions—the date for his public memorial has just been announced: September 18, 4 PM, at the Brecht Forum in NYC. More details to follow; this is just a “save the date” announcement.

2 Comments on “Bob Fitch memorial: Sept 18

  1. Thanks Doug. I dove into Fitch’s work after hearing him on your show, I’m sad that I (and so many others) were not aware of him earlier.

  2. My condolences to Mr Fitch’s family and friends. He was an trenchant thinker, indeed.
    I was listening to your 7/9/11 rebroadcast of a dialogue with Professor Aldolph Reed and among other things, you two discussed, the implications of the Wisconsin “blitzkrieg”, in your search for a possible institutionalized “left” political, economic and cultural base, to engage serious and protracted “class struggle” against the evident “neoliberal” order. In this regard, I feel a possible interview with Professor G. William Domhoff of UC Santa Cruz would bring, among other things, bring an interesting perpective, on this question and I hope you follow up on my suggestion, to attempt to interview the Professor.

    Here’s his website

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