My letter to Tony Bates

For the record, as they say, here’s what I just wrote to Tony Bates: I really don’t want to do a show every other week on Saturday morning, and you probably knew that when you made the decision. So I think I’ll just quit, effective immediately. It takes a remarkable amount of balls for you, Tony, to engineer a reworking of the grid having just masterminded yet another failed fundraiser. Falling 1/3 short of your goal is a disgrace. But evidently your vision of WBAI is of chemtrails and footpads and 9/11… Read More

The end of “Behind the News”

I just got a call from Tony Bates, WBAI’s interim program director, informing me that as part of changes to the schedule, my show would be moved from Thursdays at 5 PM to every other Saturday at 10 AM. This is clearly a considerable marginalization, so I’m going to quit. The rot of WBAI has been wearing on my nerves, and this change would bring the cost/benefit ratio into seriously negative territory. It’s remarkable that an interim program director who’s just masterminded another failed fundraiser—this one’s fallen about 1/3 short of its… Read More