Arlene Engelhardt’s cell phone number

Apparently Arlene Engelhardt, the head maniac at Pacifica, isn’t returning phone calls from her Pacifica number, 510-849-2590 ext. 208. So, folks, here’s her cell phone: 510-402-9880.

KPFA morning show: off

The idiots and maniacs who are now running Pacifica have decided to lay off the entire staff of the excellent KPFA Morning Show and to take it off the air: BREAKING: Pacifica management lays off entire staff of Morning Show | KPFA Worker. The show is the station’s most popular, and its best fundraiser. But its quality comes at a price: much of the staff actually earns a salary, with benefits. KPFA faces serious budget problems, but the union has proposed a way to deal with them. It looks like a faction of… Read More