Gary Null nearly killed by own product

Someone posted this news to the comments, so I had to find out if it was true. Yes, it is true—Gary Null nearly died from consuming one of his products. Null is suing the manufacturer for negligence, specifically for allegedly including 1,000 times the recommended dosage of vitamin D. When Null first got sick, he consumed more of the stuff, hoping it would make him better. While he was suffering, his phone was ringing off the hook with complaints from irate consumers. At first, Null’s website denied anything was wrong. When a… Read More

Health lunacy: Adorno helps out

[This was originally part of this radio commentary, but I’ve posted it separately here.] And now a bit more Pacifica arcana, though that’s only the taking-off point. WBAI, the New York station where this program ran for 15 years until the interim program director decided to cut its frequency, has brought back health guru Gary Null to do a daily noontime show. Null was fired several years ago because of a personality conflict with an earlier program director. He really made the phones ring at pledging time, and his departure was financially damaging… Read More

Radio commentary, November 20, 2010

Stumbling recovery continues • bourgeois theories of unemployment • who gets UI? • how the StimPak helped • models for budget-cutting [The commentary also included an analysis of health lunacy, which I’ve posted separately.] stumbling along The U.S. economy continues its stumbling recovery. On Thursday, we learned that first-time applications for unemployment insurance, filed by people who’d just lost their jobs, rose slightly last week after falling decently the previous week—a fall that exactly reversed the rise of the previous week. The four-week moving average, which smoothes out the weekly volatility in… Read More