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Wow, haven’t posted in a few weeks. Sorry! Here’s some new content, just added to my radio archives. I usually post the files well in advance of updating the web page, so if you subscribe to the podcast, you’ll enjoy almost immediate gratification. Podcast instructions are on the archive page.

December 6, 2012 Jane McAlevey, author of Raising Expectations (And Raising Hell), on how to revive the U.S. labor movement [The KPFA version of this show was a fundraiser. If you like these shows and want to keep them coming, please consider contributing to KPFA. If you do, mention “Behind the News”!]

November 29, 2012 Frank Bardacke, author of Trampling Out the Vintageon Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers

November 22, 2012 James Galbraith on the fiscal cliff • Walter Benn Michaels, author of this and this and this, on the election and the victory of left neoliberalism

5 Comments on “Fresh audio product

  1. I really enjoyed Walter Benn Michaels, thank you for including him.

  2. In the Jodi Dean of mic attack, Ms. McAlevey let it rip for 50 minutes of up-with-the-people barnstorming, with a word or two at most from the host – entertaining, but breakneck, and there were quite a lot of self-awards of highest honor medals – that may be how a woman survives the academe/union wars of attrition, but it takes a belt or two of steadying whiskey to keep up with the dizzying pace.
    “President” Sweeney, John Sweeney, it should be noted, was no reformer, no titan, whatever he may have said for the poor people of Central America – not all a Fitchian hero of “progressive unionism.” The trade union leader I worked alongside had no use for the Great Pretender – though he was more laudatory of Trumka, and look at where we are now.

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