On “working with” Julian Assange

A tendentious hack named Casey Michel slimes me in The Daily Beast for “maintain[ing] a professional relationship” with Julian Assange:

Another Nation staplecontributing editor Doug Henwood, has maintained a professional relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, yet is apparently very tetchy about the collaboration, as I also discovered when I engaged him.

Henwood had planned to work with Assange on putting out a book about Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches – Henwood annotating, Assange writing the forward—transcripts of which were of course originally hacked by Russian intelligence and disseminated through WikiLeaks, at least according to 17 different U.S. intelligence agencies, two of which concluded that this was done with the express purpose of helping Trump get elected. When I brought up this pending project, as detailed both on the book publisher’s website and in multiple articles, Henwood called me a “fucking idiot.” (Henwood’s publisher, when contacted for this story, noted that Henwood was no longer affiliated with the endeavor, saying that he had now grown “weary of chronicling Hillary Clinton’s boundless political shortcomings.”)

It’s all here: the guiding hand of the evil Putin on behalf of Trump—confirmed by 17 intelligence agencies!—abetted by silly leftists who just don’t know they were being played. Except, you know, that all the leaked material was authentic, and revealed just how empty and cynical the Hillary Clinton campaign was. And that my “collaboration” with Assange was quite minimal. The full tweet in which I called Michel a fucking idiot:

I stand by my characterization.

This isn’t surprising, though. The center–left, now in the midst of a global crisis, is desperate. In the U.S., they’re trying to smear their leftist critics—who’ve been right all along about the bankruptcy of their worldview—as tools of Putin. Anything but looking in the mirror and confronting their failure. At this rate, there won’t be a Democratic party by the time of Chelsea Clinton’s 40th birthday.

PS: It’s “foreword,” not “forward.”

One Comment on “On “working with” Julian Assange

  1. Sometimes Trump’s opponents are as over-zealous and nutty in their opposition as Trump is in his defense.

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