Arlene Engelhardt’s cell phone number

Apparently Arlene Engelhardt, the head maniac at Pacifica, isn’t returning phone calls from her Pacifica number, 510-849-2590 ext. 208. So, folks, here’s her cell phone: 510-402-9880.

KPFA morning show: off

The idiots and maniacs who are now running Pacifica have decided to lay off the entire staff of the excellent KPFA Morning Show and to take it off the air: BREAKING: Pacifica management lays off entire staff of Morning Show | KPFA Worker. The show is the station’s most popular, and its best fundraiser. But its quality comes at a price: much of the staff actually earns a salary, with benefits. KPFA faces serious budget problems, but the union has proposed a way to deal with them. It looks like a faction of… Read More

Voting in NYS

I meant to post this yesterday but my tsuris with WBAI hijacked all my attention. This is for people registered to vote in New York State. I admire a lot of the work that the Working Families Party has done. They’ve been crucial to getting the state minimum wage raised, reducing the penalties in the Rockefeller drug laws, and getting a bill of rights for domestic workers, among many other things. For that reason, they’ve been under intense attack by Wall Street and real estate interests and the ideological right (the New… Read More

My letter to Tony Bates

For the record, as they say, here’s what I just wrote to Tony Bates: I really don’t want to do a show every other week on Saturday morning, and you probably knew that when you made the decision. So I think I’ll just quit, effective immediately. It takes a remarkable amount of balls for you, Tony, to engineer a reworking of the grid having just masterminded yet another failed fundraiser. Falling 1/3 short of your goal is a disgrace. But evidently your vision of WBAI is of chemtrails and footpads and 9/11… Read More

The end of “Behind the News”

I just got a call from Tony Bates, WBAI’s interim program director, informing me that as part of changes to the schedule, my show would be moved from Thursdays at 5 PM to every other Saturday at 10 AM. This is clearly a considerable marginalization, so I’m going to quit. The rot of WBAI has been wearing on my nerves, and this change would bring the cost/benefit ratio into seriously negative territory. It’s remarkable that an interim program director who’s just masterminded another failed fundraiser—this one’s fallen about 1/3 short of its… Read More

More KPFA…

More KPFA news. If you’re in the Bay Area and free on Thursday afternoon, please hit the picket line! Pacifica to Cut More than a Quarter of KPFA Staff – Picket Called for Thursday, November 4th | KPFA Worker

LBO #129 out

Oh yes, forgot to announce that LBO #129 is out. Has been for a couple of weeks. If you don’t already, subscribe today! contents Is Social Security really the thing that’s going bust? • 2009: not a good year for the American masses • Recession over, but is that enough? • Globalization & gender • parasitism ain’t what it used to be

Fresh audio content

Just posted two shows to my radio archives: October 23, 2010 (KPFA only) Michael Taft on the Irish crisis • Yanis Varoufakis on the Greek and broader eurozone crises September 30, 2010 Robert Paul Wolff on Harvard’s honoring of the odious Martin Peretz (and Harvard itself) • Antonia Juhasz, director of the energy program at Global Exchange, on the filth of oil, with an emphasis on Chevron Background links for guests at archive page.

Event: Scheer, Conason, Goodman chew the fat in NYC

I’ve been asked to publicize this event by my good friend Ruth Baldwin of Nation books. While I would not personally allocate precious funds from our babysitting account to enable me to attend this event, I love Ruth and am happy to do as she asks: The Great American Stickup: Clinton, Bush and Obama—How the White House Moved from Main Street to Wall Street Join bestselling authors Robert Scheer and Joe Conason for a wide-ranging discussion on the causes and consequences of the continuing financial crisis, and why successive administrations have championed Wall Street over Main Street. This conversation… Read More

Citi update

Brad DeLong, um, comments on the 19-month-old Citigroup report on the Treasury’s bank policy that Citi demanded that WordPress and I take down: Citigroup’s View of the Obama Administration in February 2009… – Grasping Reality with Both Hands.

Fresh audio posted

Just posted to my radio archives (links there): September 16, 2010 Stephen Mihm, co-author of Crisis Economics, on The Crisis in historical perspective • Two segments on Cuba: Julia Sweig in an excerpt from a Council of Foreign Relations conference call (full audio here) about her conversation with Fidel, and consultant Kirby Jones on the Cuban economy and U.S. companies doing business there September 23, 2010 Eric Garris, founder of, on the antiwar movement, the libertarian perspective on it, and the effort to unite opponents across the spectrum • Gary Shteyngart,… Read More

Citigroup feels violated

This morning, WordPress informed me that they’d received a “valid DMCA notice”—as in Digital Millennium Copyright Act—notice about a Citigroup research report I posted here in February 2009. Until the issue could be “resolved”—meaning I acknowledged this grave offense against intellectual property—I couldn’t post anything to this blog. Once I said “Yes, Sir,” my posting privileges were restored. The document was, of course, deleted. The report was an analysis of the Treasury’s proposed bank capital requirements in the run-up to the stress tests. Citi’s conclusion—and I think even the DMCA allows me… Read More


Me, interviewed by Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio:

New radio product

Just added to my radio archives (links to guest bios and articles are there): September 9, 2010 Liz McNichol of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on the fiscal crisis of the states • Yanis Varoufakis of the University of Athens fact-checks Michael Lewis’ Vanity Fair article on Greece September 4, 2010 (KPFA version) Jesse Eisinger talks about how banks flipped CDOs to each other, made billions, stuck us with the bill • Michael Yates talks about the miserable mood out there in the Real America

The Real News, part 3

The third part of The Real News interview with me is up: WAGES AND THE CRISIS.