Liveblogging BHO

I’m be doing my first-ever “liveblogging” tonight. I’ll be punditizing for the Institute for Public Accuracy: here.

New radio show

Freshly posted audio: Behind the News for September 5 (a day ahead of time!).

Fresh audio

Just posted: my August 27 radio show. Ned Sublette, author of The Year Before the Flood and The World That Made New Orleans, on that city, its culture and music, and the aftermath of Katrina (plus the radio premiere of his song, “Between Piety and Desire”) • Adolph Reed on the dismal state of the left and the waning usefulness of “race” as a category

LBO #120 out!

Already emailed to subscribers, and at the printer for the dead-tree crowd: LBO #120. Contents: Bad medicine, bad politics • That bad case of consumption • Why doesn’t USA Inc. support single-payer? • Deleveraging: how much? • Worst over—now what? • How much richer the rich have gotten Click here for a taste. Click here to subscribe. The reason for the prompt appearance of #120, reversing a 20-year history of missed schedules? The appointment of Liza Featherstone as counseling editrix. Many more to come…on time!

Liza Featherstone, counseling editrix

In LBO news—actual news related to Left Business Observer, a newsletter—Liza Featherstone has been appointed counseling editrix of the publication. Her responsibilities will include tightening and buffing the prose and disciplining the recalcitrant and tardy publication into a schedule. The masthead of #120, now in production, will reflect this change. The staff of LBO is very excited about this development.

WBAI election: signatures needed

[An email sent to Jews for Racial and Economic Justice by Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Neimark. I don’t know these candidates personally, but I do know Esther & Marilyn, and if the candidates are ok by them then they’re ok by me. If you’re in NYC and can stop by Tuesday afternoon, please do.] Dear JFREJers, We’re writing to enlist your support for some important changes that are in the works at WBAI, where JFREJ’s radio program, Beyond the Pale, has been broadcasting weekly for over 13 years. WBAI is currently engaged… Read More

June 25 radio show posted

June 25 radio show posted to archives. Alyssa Katz, author of Our Lot, on the homeownership fetish and the housing bubble/bust • Liza Featherstone (author of this article, and, it should be disclosed, wife/beloved of the host) and Adolph Reed on the burdens of college tuition and how the problem can be solved by making it free.

Me on Iranian TV

International stardom! Iran’s PressTV does me for 25 minutes: watch.


Liza Featherstone’s piece on the Murdoch–Thompson Wall Street Journal that I mentioned yesterday is up: Identity Crisis.

The quest for recognition

Just got the murkiest plug in more than two decades of cruising for plugs: Henwood and Hollywood. Thanks, I think.

April 23 radio show up

April 23rd radio show, featuring William Robinson (on being persecuted by Abe Foxman), Richard Seymour (on the U.S. left and imperialism, Obama-style), and Paul Mason (on The Crisis), now up in my radio archives.

Audio version!

Note that automatically generated audio versions of this blog, read in a pretty good robovoice, are now available. You can listen to individual files, or subscribe to the podcast. See the links column to the right.

Fresh audio

Just posted the audio files for my April 16 show here. Guests are progressive educator Deborah Meier, who talks about the horrors of Bush’s No Child Left Behind, which Obama is likely to retain largely intact, and Adolph Reed, one of the wisest commentators in the U.S., talking about genetics and political leanings, and politics without politics. By the way, I often post the MP3’s to the server before I update the webpage. Podcast subscribers can get those directly without delay. Podcast info for the hi-fi (64kbps) version here; lo-fi (16kbps) here. The… Read More