Laura Agustín in New York, March 10

Come hear the excellent Laura Agustín in New York. And if you haven’t already, check out my interview with her here. Trafficking, migration and the sex industry: Framing the questions, providing the proofs Lecture by Laura Agustín, author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry Rockefeller University Weiss Building Room 305 York avenue at 66th Street New York NY 10065 Enter the campus at 66th Street. This lecture is part of the Pugwash series of conferences examining the relationship between science and society, to ensure that research benefits… Read More

Move your money?

Freshly posted to the LBO website: behind Huffington’s loopy “Move your money” campaign: …and it’s still money. A reminder: paying subscribers got this a week or two ago. Subscribe today and be the first on your block: LBO subscription info

Dennis Brutus memorial

There’s going to be a memorial for Dennis Brutus, the South African poet and activist, at the Brecht Forum, 451 West Street, between Bank and Bethune Streets, NYC, Sunday, January 17, at 2 PM. For my interview with Brutus (a rebroadcast of a show first aired in July 2008), see my Radio archives.

Audio links

It was just pointed out to me that I don’t always include audio links to the original shows on which the commentaries were delivered. They’re all here: Radio archives. I often post the file before updating that page, so for the quickest fulfillment of your radio needs, subscribe to the podcast (info on how to do that on the archives page).

Seattle, ten years ago

A memory of a rather different time than 2009:

LBO 123 on its way

LBO issue 123 has been emailed to electronic subscribers, and is on press for the dead-tree crew. Contents: throwing money at homeowners • regulating finance: newfangled schemes • the stimulus program: how much, who’s getting it, is the debt a problem? • what comes after the Great Recession? • Iraq oil • Mishkin talks more nonsense Tastes of each: LBO 123 contents. This is the fifth on-time issue in five months! If you don’t subscribe, repent and offer appropriate monetary sacrifices at LBO subscription info.

Tomorrow’s election analysis tonight

A year after being pronounced dead, the Republicans are resurgent! Liberals will say that this proves that Obama must move to the left, but Obama will tack to the right. The rightward tilt will prompt a spate of anguished blog posts and Nation editorials wondering why Obama is doing it. You read it here first.

Fresh postings to LBO site

Just posted to the Left Business Observer website: Adolph Reed, The limits of antiracism and samples from #122, just out: LBO current issue contents.

LBO #122 out

The new timeliness continues! LBO #122 has just been emailed to subscribers, and is off to the printer to accommodate the dead-tree brigade. Contents: pity suffering Wall Street! • a memoir of the Florida real estate boom and bust (a state where felons can’t vote, but could sell mortgages!) • 2008: a year of less money and more poverty • more job carnage as lunatics demand exit strategy • declining employment share • why the Senate sucks (it’s no accident) If you don’t subscribe yet, what are you waiting for? Click here here and… Read More

Me on the CBC

I’m going to be on the CBC’s The Current this morning, discussing the 20th anniversary of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Starts at 8:30. Also on Sirius channel 137.

LBO #121 out!

I’ve been reticent about promoting LBO, the newsletter, on LBO News, the “blog,” but why should I? Anyway, emailed to electronic subscribers and on press for the crushed-tree kind, #121, the third issue in three months, includes: Obama and the duelling caricatures • Adolph Reed on how racism is like the Easter bunny • How this recession stacks up vs. its ancestors • Life after crises • The media bloodletting • Rupert celebrates For a taste, see LBO 121 contents. I suspect many readers of this site already subscribe to the newsletter, for… Read More

WBAI elections: endorsements

Dear friends, We are writing to enlist your support for some important changes that are in the works at WBAI, where Beyond the Pale, Asia Pacific Forum, and Behind the News have been broadcasting for many years. If you are a dues-paying WBAI member, you should have likely just received a ballot in elections for the Local Station Board (LSB). We are asking for your help in electing some strong, independent candidates. The LSB plays an important role at WBAI, by making recommendations to Pacifica’s director for the hiring of the station’s… Read More

Talking to kids about war

Indulge me some promotional efforts for my brilliant wife: Why Are We Fighting? How to talk to kids about war.By Liza Featherstone.


First post from my iPhone. I am now a certifed geek.

Fresh audio

September 10 show, with: Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah, on the takeover of the GOP by the fundie nuts • Michael Yates, author of In and Out of the Working Class, on the working class, teaching economics, and the UFW (see his LBO piece on César Chávez here) now posted in my radio archives. Opening commentary at here.