Letter on Null’s denialism: please read and act!

Since comments on this “blog” don’t get Tweeted and such, I wanted to point out two comments from George Carter of The Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research, and organization that sponsors clinical trials of alternative therapies for HIV/AIDS. Unlike Null’s ludicrous and dangerous HIV denialism, FIAR supports conventional therapies, but also sees great supplementary value in more “natural” approaches. This seems like an eminently sensible position, but apparently not sensationalist enough to appeal to the loons in the Null set.

Carter’s first post outlines his position, and makes the point that HIV denialists, who claim that antiretroviral therapies are either useless or harmful, are outright murdering people. This should be said bluntly: as Carter puts it, Null’s ideas can kill people. And his second post lists the impressive and growing number of signers, individual and institutional, of the letter to WBAI.

There’s no direct link to his posts, so visit the comments and scroll down or search for “Carter.” And a few more emails to the authorities wouldn’t hurt:

Tony Bates, interim program director, WBAI
Berthold Reimers, interim general manager, WBAI
Pacifica national board, goes to entire Pacifica board

6 Comments on “Letter on Null’s denialism: please read and act!

  1. With this Null affair WBAI is (as they say in Turkey)
    seriously scratching its (already scratched) charisma.

  2. Null almost died from consuming one of the health products he sells, what more does one need to know to realize that giving such a character a radio show is more than just irresponsible.

  3. I’m sorry to post this here, but I’m tired of trying to find the right place. A easily detectable contact email is necessary. The point: WHERE IS MY BEHIND THE NEWS!!!! Well I will definitely be following you wherever you are. BTN is a staple in my world and no clowning at ‘BAI is going to keep me from it. Carry on Mr. Henwood. I too will be listening to you very fine work.

  4. There is a petition to sign. You can review it and sign it by sending an email to the address aidstruth.org gives:


    After you act, perhaps it’s time to reflect on why this is happening. Sure, there’s the greed of some sleezeballs and the decision by others that, despite their disgust with Null and Cohen, deadly disinformation is the price to set WBAI’s accounts in order. But Null is a symptom, so is Obama. Media savvy, saying what we want to hear… all while there are little to no serious outlets for Leftist action. The cycle leads to squirrelly minds, paranoid and even vicious tempers, sterile debates and evermore refined analysis and terminology, plus tired theatrics (i.e., ritualized civil disobedience complete with scripted police/courtroom response).

  5. “all while there are little to no serious outlets for Leftist action.”

    Really? How about the fact that the sans culottes are not ready to get their skulls cracked again at the barricades.

    There are plenty of “outlets”–right where we’re at at any given moment is a good one. Keep in mind, though, that the fight now is less “polite” (q.v., for example, G20 baton-wielding robocops in Toronto).

    Obama is, of course, a “symptom”–but the “disease” has accelerated to the tune of CDOs and credit default swaps garnering MASSIVE returns for the “players”–i.e., before the entire economic charade deconstructs.

    That is, the investor class is not going to just walk away from the casino tables–dragged kicking and screaming to the guillotines would be more like it.

    The anarchist dictum, “NO war but CLASS war” ought to be revised: this is not a war but an investor-class MASSACRE. One hundred Right-of-center lobbyists (e.g., Koch brothers funded) descended upon Capitol Hill to fight single payer–for every ONE Left of center proponent of same. That’s a massacre, not a war.

    All bets are off. And, therefore (and, to cop a riff from the Zionist playbook), American labor (the “working class”, the “lesser people”, etc.) has a right to defend itself.

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