New radio product

Now up on my radio archives (explanatory links at original):

November 27, 2010 Paul Street on the Tea Party, the dismalness of the Dems, and Obama’s elegant personal fit with that dismalness • Cordelia Fine, author of the excellent Delusions of Gender, on how all those claims of biological roots to differences between men & women are nonsense

November 20, 2010 Monica Potts, author of this article, on (the lack of) green jobs • Yanis Varoufakis, author of this article, on a better way to do a eurozone bailout

One Comment on “New radio product

  1. Have you thought about Steve, or Hilary Rose, on your show. They’ve written quite a bit about the misuse of Evolutionary theories to explain psychology (these theories are, with a few exceptions, pseudo-science of the worst kind), and how its fed into a general neoliberal view of the social world

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