An apology

I am so sorry that I did not know earlier, when I made a little joke about Wikileaks and 9/11, that Julian Assange had professed himself “annoyed” by the Truthers, causing them to denounce Assange as a tool of the CIA, the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros. (Why are the evil financiers almost always Jews?) More here: 9/11 skeptics say Julian Assange being manipulated by the CIA.

5 Comments on “An apology

  1. Unfortunately the 9/11 skeptics are an unruly group. I find the government conspiracy theory about 9/11 as plausible as the single-bullet theory for JFK or the lone gunman theory on the MLK murder. But while one can assume that the government has something to hide – at least incompetence – many of the skeptics undermine their own credibility by finding a conspirator under every rock. Whether it’s Assange and the CIA, or fluoridation, or the Rockefeller eugenics program, or the NAFTA superhighway – the more conspiracy theories one believes, the less credible one is.

    I would hope that Wikileaks and others can so undermine the secrecy of the U.S. government that the true nature of our leaders will finally become apparent to ordinary citizens. Probably 70-80% of the information that is classified today is only secret because it would embarrass someone in power, not because of “national security”. The government is certainly not about to declassify anything voluntarily, so I can only applaud Wikileaks and its sources for their integrity and courage.

  2. What’s really annoying about conspiracy theorists is that they undermine the credibility of analyses of actual honest to god conspiracies. To give one example, the Libyan involvement in the TWA bombing. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that case, Mehegri was clearly fitted up by the US government, and the real perpetrator may well have been a US informant. But in most people’s minds that’s just another whacky conspiracy theory.

  3. I agree with Cian; a lot of “black operations” have been obscured by conspiracy theories that were probably disseminated by the intelligence organizations that ran the operations in the first place! And these theories have greater staying power than related true stories; everybody worries about who killed JFK, but nobody seems to care that the guys we hired for the Bay of Pigs operation later turned to drug-running and other criminal activity.

    The 9/11 Truthers are mad at Assange because he didn’t deliver the goods* that they wanted; proof that the WTC attack was an inside job. You and I know the thing was carried out by terrorists using planes, but a lot of people think it was explosives, remote controlled jets, missiles hiding under holograms of planes (“no passenger jet could make those manouvers”) . . . . . I don’t know why they don’t buy the narrative, but they think the whole thing was a hoax. They are the Flat Earth movement of the 21st Century.


    * Even though Assange never said “9/11 is a scam and I’ll prove it, too!”

  4. Yeah, because people just loved being put on the Interpol most wanted. Just proof of how clever those Rothschilds are.

    The only ‘problem’ for ‘WikiLeaks is that almost nothing is a surprise. Our ex president tells anyone who listens that he ordered torture and rendition. Hard to top that.

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